• Tucson, AZ, USA

  • Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico

Retail packaging in Mexico.

In the current struggle to capture the consumer’s attention, manufacturer has developed highly visible packaging that would stand out and catch the eyes of those who walk by.  Since many of the consumer goods are being manufactured in countries such as China that far away from the retail stores and membership warehouses located in the United States, it would be a way too expensive, and a possible supply chain nightmare to perform retail packaging back at the factory.


In order to reduce freight cost and boost profitability, the solution is to ship these products in bulk directly to Mexico duty-free.  Mo-Mex offers an unbeatable solution for companies that import products in bulk container and need for assembly, repacking and retail packaging using blisters, clamshells or paper base solutions.  Mo-Mex is strategically located 375 miles south of the Arizona border, and 120 miles from the deep-sea port of Guaymas. Mo-Mex is ready to assist companies to set up production and assembly lines for plastic or paper based retail packaging.


Our clients could start running a retail packaging operation in Navojoa, Sonora using Mo-Mex shelter program in less than 90 days. Companies establishing a retail packaging operation in Mexico can import machinery, equipment, raw material and components for thermoforming and printing without paying import duties.


To learn more on how you can take advantage of reducing shipping and labor cost by performing retail packaging in Mexico, please contact us or call 1-520-399-5058.