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  • Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico

Working and Living in Mexico.

Mexico is a country of great contrasts and stunningly beautiful. It has a rich history and culture that goes back more than three thousand years. As of 2016 the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Mexico is the most in all of the Americas and also 7th in the world. In addition, it has some most spectacular beaches in the world.


Living in Mexico is a lot less than it would to live in Canada or the United States. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City reported that there are 1,000, 000 Americans living in Mexico. There is also indication that around 500,000 Canadians living in Mexico.


Some companies manufacturing in Mexico would relocated executives, managers and engineers for the first few years during the production start-up. Mexico is becoming more attractive for people move to Mexico for a number of reasons, some professional, some personal and some for a combination of both. For more than sixty years it has been a favorite retirement destination for Canadians and American who can live comfortable in Mexico in not only in beach resorts or tourist destinations, but in large metropolitan areas and small communities.


Navojoa and the entire state of Sonora is a great place for relocation in Mexico.  The exceptional weather, abundance of wildlife, beautiful mountains on the Sierra Madre Occidental, the long stretches of beach on the Gulf of California, world-class medical and dental facilities and a modern highway network and airports make connectivity very efficient.


Safety in Mexico is often a concern for those considering relocating to Mexico. There are stories of people being murdered and issues around crime; however, it appears that the majority of these crimes are drug related. Moreove, Navojoa has some of the lowest crime index around Mexico. Mexican people as a whole are extremely warm, friendly and hospitable. The majority of them will make you feel welcome and help you where they can. At the end of the day the traditions, the culture and the people of Mexico make it a great place to visit, work and live.


Mexico like as with any country there is a process that has to be followed in order to able to work in Mexico.  We would be very glad to provide in-depth information on this matter please contact Mo-Mex Corporation by calling 1-520-399-5058 or email us to momex@mo-mex.com