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Taking the "overwhelming"
factor out of decision making by nearshoring to Mexico. Mo-Mex Corporation

The effective decision making of expanding manufacturing into a low-cost region might is not an easy task. Once the decision has been made to go abroad, the next step is to determine which is the best location. In today’s complex world, nearshoring seems to be the best choice.

If you are seeking to cut cost and increase productivity, then consider Mo-Mex to be your local partner for your global competitiveness !

For the last twenty years, Mexico has implemented profound structural reforms. In President Peña Nieto administration alone, it has been taking action to increase the country’s competitiveness through sweeping reforms in energy, transportation and telecommunications infrastructure.

Who are we.

Mo-Mex is a United State company that provide manufacturing services under a U.S. contract. Therefore, client’s does not have to bear the challenges of incorporation a Mexican corporation, nor face unfamiliar laws, regulations and business practices.

When selecting Mo-Mex’s Full Service Shelter Program, clients could start production on less than 90 days from the date both companies enter into the business agreement.  Our unique approach allows the client to focus entirely to production, training and quality, while Mo-Mex would take care of the daily administrative, personnel management and customs and environmental procedures.

At the end of the day, we are 100% committed to helping you to profit from our perspective. Allow Mo-Mex the opportunity to taylor-made a program that would fit your needs by calling to discuss your project at 1-520-399-5058.


Advantages .

image You will save money by using our Mo-Mex Shelter Plan! Your Costs will be known and controlled.  See more...

image Importers of goods from China are well aware of problems of rapidly escalating costs, goods tied up for weeks in transit, and poor or inconsistent quality, Distance makes it difficult, time consuming and costly to deal in person with such problems. See more...

image NAFTA is the free trade agreement among the United States, Canada and Mexico wich has been in effect since January 1, 1994 See more...

Clients testimonies.

"A reliable partner insures your success"

We are a 183 years old family-owned, Nazareth-PA based manufacturer of acoustic guitars and strings, so when we decided to build some of our products outside the U.S., where regulations, laws and business practices are very different, it was crucial to have a reliable partner. C.F. Martin & Co. Inc. was very fortunate in establishing this partnership with Mo-Mex.

Chris martin, President and CEO

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